"To paint means clustering to communicate with others. The picture work must be comprehensible Therefore to make my message clear. It is not enough to impress the beholder, it must involve the observer, who shares my feelings and sensations."
The painting of Daniela Rebecchi ranges from social philosophy, from history to the reality of our days; His artistic expression, born from all that comes up against His Principles and his way of being: human stupidity, ignorance ?? l, l ?? today's medieval cultures. Expresses These concepts with sarcasm, almost caricatured, takes over the contradiction, the irony ??. Think That ridicule Certain things, blackberries to be effective, not deprecarle; the message can be effective blackberries, Because it made you smile. Everything That clashes, Which sounds like a discrepancy, Which deforms, distorts, the end is so exaggerated as to be grotesque. 
He recently started working on some lines of thought of the Following well-defined paths:
The slow metamorphosis and mutation of the human being Caused by the use of modern technology in exasperation. Vision of an apocalyptic future in ?? pictorial imagination.
The defined with metamorphosis ?? ?? the concept That I am developing development since 2010, as a transformation and metamorphosis mutation, meaning not only social but anche physical. The terrible damage That modern technology is making, on all aspects of human life are Already in front of us. I have tried In These works to make These dramas in the sense grotesque. Here, then, That Depending on the case, the mutation can occur for assimilation by ?? of object (the object That eats ?? l ?? man), or for processing, and in this case is the person to turn in ?? object. However l ?? human being loses the physical, mental and spiritual Because no longer uses Those organs / arts / functions now Replaced by technical means.
THE CITY saprophytic
The modern city with skyscrapers ITS, eat literally everything in His Way.
The old houses, the green and anything else ?? are destroyed in the name and on Behalf of modernity, destroying the beauty. The tower blocks and modern construction ?? defeat the beautiful.
Eventually the old house Becomes the defect el ?? anachronism.
Anthropomorphisms AND EYES
Anthropomorphism "and" Eyes "; in the early human forms and animals come together to form other shapes, as in a game of mirrors, Which can take on many meanings, as regards the" Eyes "is a recurring image in my paintings since childhood , eyes looking at us, scrutinize us, control us, smiling, sadden us, show us the world and make us rejoice in the beauty or horrified by the horror of this world, who are sometimes forced to watch. "Painting for me means to communicate with others. The work must therefore be understood to make my instant message. Not enough to impress the beholder, it must involve the observer, who shares my feelings and sensations. "
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